New Nomad


Multi-layered construction of various knit densities


Adaptable garment, one size fits all, suitable for all seasons




A knit shelter for the new nomad


Protection from the elements, comfort in the unknown, enemy deterrent 




Apparel inspired by portable home spaces, tents, & hiding away


An exploration on personal space and the subversion of the word 'home'


Redesigning Traditions


As part of the RISD Museum's exhibit, Designing Traditions, these jacquard wovens drew inspiration from a 20th century Chinese rain cape


Observations on ornamentation, and the creation of pattern through woven structure 


A celebration of things important (and not)


You Win & In the lead


Tiny trophy rings let you take your achievements to go; a reminder to celebrate the little things




Wrap up in a certificate of trophies, ribbons, and congratulations


Because you deserve it